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Recovery from problematic substance use and gambling can be incredibly difficult – we believe in giving people a chance for change in any situation.

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ABOUT In-dependence


To support those affected by drugs, alcohol, or gambling and to minimise related harms through education, prevention, and counselling.

02. Our VALUES

RESPECT We respect our clients’ individual needs and understand the importance of confidentiality, the freedom to choose, and a service free from judgement.

INTEGRITY Transparent and honest relationships form the basis of our work and we work hard to develop and maintain these.

EQUITY We believe in treating people fairly, not favouring one over another. Promoting the message that change is a possibility for all.

EFFECTIVENESS Our work will always be purposeful. Working with clearly defined goals, we will work with you to achieve these.

PROFESSIONALISM Our work will be led by best practice, delivered by competent staff who take professional standards seriously and understand what it is to be human.

PARTNERSHIP WORKING We will work collaboratively with organisations that can help you meet your goals.


We understand change takes time and can be difficult to measure. We set realistic expectations for change which are continuously reviewed as part of a collaborative process.

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