Affected Family Members

Who is an affected family member?

An affected family member is anyone who is having to deal with the impact of someone else’s drug, alcohol, or gambling behaviour.

How can we help?

Problematic substance use or gambling affects the whole family, yet services to help family members may feel scarce.

If you are affected by someone else’s addiction you may feel as though your emotions are all over the place. Feelings of powerlessness, worry, isolation and anger are commonly reported feelings.

Whilst it may not be possible to get your loved one to work with services, there is help for affected family members. Whether it’s an anonymous confidential telephone conversation, attending one of our peer support groups or having individual sessions with a counsellor, we would encourage you to reach out and talk to us.

Peer support groups

Peer support groups are offered over five consecutive evenings (Monday – Friday). They are facilitated by two of our counsellors and address understanding addiction, impacts of addiction on the family, feelings associated with addiction, creating some personal action plans.

Groups run when we receive two or more applications.

Individual sessions

One-off sessions as a brief intervention for support or counselling sessions can be offered on an individual basis. If you need to know more about counselling please refer to our counselling page.

How do I apply?

You can call us and request an application form.

You can self-refer using our self-referral link